The mission of the Faculty of Social Sciences


The Faculty aims to study the cultural, political and economic aspects of social reality. Strengthened by the long and distinguished tradition of the Dominican Order in the field of Christian social thought, the research and teaching of the Faculty aim at promoting the principles of a just social order, based on a Thomistic understanding of human development and the promotion of a genuine common good.


Half a century of social sciences


With its beginnings in the early 1950s at the request of Pope Pius XII to integrate courses that would treat modern social realities into the philosophical and theological formation of priests, the Faculty of Social Sciences was set up as an independent department in the 1970s, expanding the range of courses offered at the same time as receiving the right to grant its own degrees. Today the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Angelicum numbers more than 200 students who come from nearly 40 countries and from every continent, thus representing the first among the faculties of social sciences of the pontifical universities in Rome, at least as regards the breadth of its formation and the number of its students.


Preparation for the world of work


The Faculty is characterized by courses dealing with management, both in the profit and nonprofit sectors, as well as by its focus on ethics as applied to different disciplines, to the professions and to development questions. Its courses provide insight into, and analysis of, the complex reality of the family, education, work, pastoral care and justice. Students who obtain their degree in this faculty find work in economic and social development projects in dioceses around the world, or as professors in universities and research institutes, as journalists and communications specialists, as well as in management positions, both in the profit and non-profit sectors, and in politics and diplomacy.


A focus on research


In order to support its research activity, the Faculty has set up three distinct organizations: The Pavan Chair, Oikonomia and the non-profit organization Adjuvantes Onlus.


The Pavan Chair is the main structure in the faculty for promoting research, especially as regards ethical

questions; it works to promote inter-faculty research collaboration, as well as research networks between various Italian and international universities. Its most important research projects include: "Bioethics, Human Rights and Multi-ethnicity," "The Theory of Elites," "The Dominican Contribution to Social Ethics in the 20th Century," "Respect for the Civil Rights of Foreign Detainees in Italian Prisons," "Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility," "Young People in Politics."


Oikonomia is a cultural association particularly aimed at graduate students of the FASS, as well as social researchers and organizations. It supports the publication of an on-line bi-lingual journal

Oikonomia: journal of ethics and social sciences, published three times a year on the web site  


Adjuvantes ONLUS coordinates the faculty's solidarity with students and researchers in financial need,

procuring funds and offering and managing full and partial scholarships. It also provides other services to students, such as accommodation and access to health services, as well as constituting a living link between the Faculty and the vast array of non profit organizations that work on social issues and problems.


Course structure


The program follows the structure laid down as the standard in the European Higher Education Area

(EHEA), with three successive cycles at the end of which one receives the corresponding academic degree.



1st cycle: Bachelors degree, lasting 6 semesters distributed over 3 years and concluding with a written exam.



2nd cycle: License, comprising 4 semesters of more specialized coursework. It concludes with the presentation and public defense of a final written thesis.



3rd cycle: Doctorate, lasting 4/6 semesters of courses and seminars, with the preparation of a dissertation using original research, part of which needs to be published in order to obtain the degree.  


COURSES ARE MOSTLY TAUGHT IN ITALIAN, and the Faculty offers courses in the Italian language to help non-Italians pursue their studies. For other foreign students, especially in the first year, there is a tutoring service in the English language.


A faculty focused on you easy to register and much to learn


The Faculty of Social Sciences prides itself on the personalized attention that it gives its students, with a minimum of bureaucracy and simple, flexible procedures to follow. Registering in a state university in Italy can be a nightmare involving organizing translations of documents and lining up and waiting for official stamps. Forget all that if you come to the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Angelicum. Here you will find the Dean ready to meet you in person, able to discuss with you directly your previous formation and how to handle your registration, with all procedures completed in a maximum of two visits to the Dean's office.


Flexible and specialized formation




The TUTOR program offers the possibility to pursue academic degrees to persons engaged in professional work and thus who cannot follow a regular coursework program. The monthly tutorials deal with interdisciplinary topics in the social sciences and Christian social thought, making the most of the work experience of students, and offering personal support in the learning process.


Masters program in Management and Corporate Social Responsibility


To contribute to the development of a new management culture, one that is both ethically-based and oriented to the social role of business, the FASS, in collaboration with LUMSA University, has instituted a one year Masters program on "Management and Corporate Social Responsibility," aimed especially at those who have a first degree in an economic, juridical or socio-political discipline and including, apart from standard classes, internships and other forms of work experience in businesses and other institutions.


Masters program in the Management of Non-Profit Organizations


In collaboration with the Permanent Forum of the Non-Profit Organizations (Forum permanente del terzo settore), the FASS has instituted a Masters program in "Management of Non-Profit Organizations”, aimed at those who hope to obtain professional competence in running non-profit organizations. The program includes classes on the critical issues involved in managing non-profit organizations, as well as an internship in one such organization.


Broadening our formation in response to our students' needs


The FASS listens attentively to its students and is constantly updating its course offerings and structure to meet their needs. We are in the process of introducing regular work study and internship opportunities for our students, study abroad opportunities and more practically-based courses, all as part of responding to what our students tell us they really need. Come and be part of the great adventure of studying in the FASS - and help us to do a better job in bringing the Christian social tradition

alive in facing the deep social problems that face our world.




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Contact information


Faculty of Social Sciences

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